Local Real Estate Brokerage Was Growing Quickly but Lacked a Plan

A well-known local brokerage was growing at a pace of between 20 and 30 percent annually over the course of the past five years, but the ownership was sales-focused and did not have the time to work on turning rapid growth into smart growth.

Over the course of two years, Filament Business Advisors was able to help the ownership draft a strategic and operational plan, make personnel changes in line with those plans, and found two new divisions of the company including a marketing arm. Simultaneously, Filament helped the ownership navigate the acquisition of a smaller brokerage with great potential in a desirable area of the state, and successfully established modern systems and procedures for the brokerage including bringing HR and technology to the cutting edge.

The brokerage is now positioned to continue its growth knowing that it can be done from a secure business administration platform.

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