Galactic Filaments are one of the two primal components of the known universe.  If you were to “zoom out” on reality as we currently understand it, you would see a network of filaments interconnecting all matter and energy throughout the cosmos.

This interconnectivity is what sparked the idea for Filament Equity Partners. We connect your business to a larger network that provides all of the services an enterprise needs to grow, from accounting to marketing to strategic planning, and beyond.


Filament becomes your equity partner in exchange for the various business administration and real estate services you need to grow your enterprise. This includes marketing, branding and UX designers, lead generation experts, business coaches, CPAs, IT support… and the list is growing every day. Plus, access to Filament’s incubator in downtown Richmond provides conference and meeting space to help present the best version of you and your budding enterprise.


You are. Always.

Filament invests in entrepreneurs and business owners who want to run their companies better, and with resources that would ordinarily be out of reach, in order to fuel growth. We refer to ourselves as the “men and women behind the curtain,” but you are still the heart, soul and face of your company.



Running a business is a separate discipline from producing whatever product or service it is that your business produces. Is it reasonable for you to practice law full time and simultaneously do a superlative job being your firm’s Managing Partner? As an IT consultant traveling from client to client, do you really have time to put your all into working on growing your business? As a doctor or dentist seeing patients all day, can you find the time to make sure your practice is on a stable and growing platform and that your staff is looked over and looked after? Filament wants you to focus on the passion that led you to starting your own company, and we’ll be passionate about how your business is running now and into the future. Reach out to learn more.